Counting down to book launch on Amazon!

It’s been way too long since my first post. My summer vacation has been packed with hours upon hours of final edits before I publish “The Girls of Haviland” on Amazon late this month. I have to admit that I started this self publishing process with little to no prior knowledge, and I’ve been navigating editing, cover design, and book promoting by the seat of my pants.

I joined several online writing groups, and their guidance has been invaluable. Still, I was under the illusion that I would self-publish one day and proceed with finishing my sequel. Wrong! I hastily chose a cover from the images available on the publishing website, and I ended up with a pink and purple cover that reflected nothing about my historical fiction book. Good fortune smiled upon me when I discovered some art samples left in a briefcase I brought to a SCBWI conference in 2015. I had lunch with a local illustrator at the conference, and I admired her work. I’ve contacted her, and she has agreed to design my cover. She will send me a sketch within the week, and the final cover will be delivered on August 18. I’m so excited to see how she represents my ideas!

I’m using the time before 8/18 to make sure my manuscript is perfect before I upload it to the publishing website. I’ve uploaded what I’ve thought is the final draft easily ten times so far. I keep finding a period followed by two spaces instead of one, and the same word used twice within the same paragraph. I’ve been googling coal shortages, World War 1 battles, and food rationing during my time period of 1918-1919. Writing historical fiction gives one a sense of vulnerability, as there will always be someone who will point out that you used an appliance in your story that hasn’t yet been invented,  an address that didn’t exist, or a building that burned down prior to your story.  I’m triple checking my facts, but I’m sure I’ll miss something.

I’m going to blog every day this month to let you know about my journey toward publication. I’ll share bits of my story to interest you, and provide insights into my trial and error approach to publishing.

I’m promoting my book on Facebook and Twitter. Please check out my facebook page, Deborah Rafferty Oswald, Writer of Young Adult Historical, and follow me on Twitter, @ droswald214.


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