A Little About the Book…

I’m in a bit of a literary limbo as I await the completion of my cover, expected on August 17. Once I upload the cover to CreateSpace on Amazon, my book will be ready for publication. Until that time, I am updating my facebook page, Deborah Rafferty Oswald, YA Historical Fiction Writer, as well as creating tweets about The Girls of Haviland through @droswald214. I want to do a final read through of the manuscript before I upload it to CreateSpace, and then it should be good to go.

So, a little about the book. I love reading the archival news section of my local newspaper, where copies of articles printed one hundred years ago are shared with readers. I save these articles for story inspiration, and three figure prominently in “The Girls of Haviland.”

I was drawn to a girl in a picture of students at a private girls’ school in Carmel, New York, taken around the turn of the twentieth century. One girl looked significantly younger than the others. I knew I wanted to create a story around her. She evolved as Josephine, “Jay” McKenna, fourteen year old protagonist of “The Girls of Haviland.”  The second article was about a Drew Seminary graduate who became the first person to commit suicide by jumping out of an airplane in the 1920s. This article inspired my character, Violet. The third article reported on a car accident involving some people taking a stolen car for a joyride. The car ended up in a lake. This was the inspiration for the accident that happens on the night of the Valentine’s Day Dance at Haviland Seminary.

Visit me tomorrow for a sneak preview at the first few pages of the book.



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