Putnam Valley Library Book Talk


I spent a wonderful morning with patrons of the Putnam Valley Library and Putnam Valley Historical Society. I am so very grateful for their warm reception, especially since they’re coming off a horrific week after back to back Nor’easters which plunged so many into darkness. I passed more than fifty electric company trucks from places as far away as Canada and Florida.

As the group was a small one given so many residents remain without power, I passed on the podium that was set up, preferring a circle of chairs that I’m comfortable with in my classroom. Coffee, juice, and muffins created such a warm, intimate atmosphere on a chilly morning. I  met so many interesting people who shared an interest in reading, historical fiction, the history of Putnam County, women’s suffrage, and World War 1.

I loved the opportunity to share the research I’ve conducted using archival issues in local newspapers. I passed around images provided to me by the Putnam County Historian of the Drew Seminary for Girls, the inspiration for my Haviland Seminary for Girls.

I will be at Ruth Keeler Library this Monday, March 12, at 4:00. I hope to see many of my former fifth grade students from Pequenakonck Elementary School there.


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